We made a last minute entry for Minijam 17: Home Alone. No Mouse Controls, No Combat, and it contains a Star. Introducing: I Think I Can Hear A Wolf.

In the prequel to I Think I Can Handle A Wolf, Matt finds himself left home alone on Christmas Eve, his parents have locked all the doors and sent him to bed early while they go out and do old people things. Explore the house and get to the presents under the Christmas tree! Oh yeah, and there's a wolf stalking you when the power goes out.


  • E - Pick Up/Interact/Use Item
  • 1-9 - Select Item
  • F - Throw Item
  • L - Toggle Flashlight (Don't waste batteries!)


Collect keys to unlock doors with the corresponding color. Collect batteries to refill your flashlight, and sugar to keep your energy levels high. Find the presents and collect victory. Pro Tip: You can distract the wolf by throwing items and shining the flashlight at it.

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