You are a developer tasked with debugging a troublesome application that is riddled with bugs in a recursive loop. Can you get the highest score?


  • Endless high octane looping bullet hell action inside a poorly coded application.
  • Gamepad support
  • GameJolt API for Leaderboards


As a hotshot developer, you never touch your mouse. Keyboard or gamepad only.

  • Keyboard
    • WASD/Arrow Keys - Move.
    • Shift - Boost,
    • Space - Shoot forwards.
    • IJKL - Shoot in 8 directions.
  • Gamepad
    • Left Stick - Move
    • B - Boost
    • A - Shoot Forwards
    • Right Stick - Shoot in 360 directions.


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As a developer, I find this so relatable.. I also love the circular motion!

ah, the submit.score() button gives no feedback but it sure is working!