Get To The Exit!

Use The Arrow Keys or WASD to move.

Don't Get Spotted!


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Thats a cool idea, I liked it.
The graphics are simple but still dont look unfinished, thats good work!

However, the music loop is far too short in my opinion. Although the music fits well, it got on my nerves pretty quickly.

But I should stop whining and say congrats to you for doing this in 8 hours. :)

This is wonderful. I wish there were more levels.

The frustrating thing for me was when a guard would turn a corner and 'see' me in the square that I had just moved from. Once I understood what was happening it was OK.


Thanks for trying! I did this in about 8 hours yesterday. I wanna add a short fail animation, more sfx, and of course more levels to flesh it out a bit. Should be updated tonight! I’ll post when it’s up.

New levels are up!