Sykes is on a mission to discover the leader of a criminal organization and take down the whole thing. 

Originally built for Minijam 19: Mystery

Updated for Weakness Week 2019 (Another unfinished, late build!)

Changes include:

  • New Battle Minigame
  • Unlockable Minimap
  • Rebalancing
  • Misc Graphical Changes (i.e. Map Cards now look and behave more like cards)


Use the WASD or Arrow keys to move, or you can try the drag mechanic with your mouse (Drag in the opposite direction you want to move, like sliding a card)

For the Battle Minigame, you can discard selected cards by tapping the discard pile, in case you end up with no possible moves.


Download 10 MB


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From the mini jam 19 stream
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Great, I love the concept, very unique and fun

Amazing concept and execution.